The attorney for Nana Agradaa has been confined by the police and denounced with loudly mishandling cops as they endeavored to keep Agradaa regarding another occurrence.
Theophilus Donkor, the litigant, purportedly utilized offensive language against a female cop, including proclamations like “you are imbecilic, inept police officer, you didn’t have the foggiest idea about your left from right.”

Agradaa The Hero

The lawyer has been accused of attack on a public authority and hostile conduct empowering unsettling influences.

Nonetheless, when he was charged on Thursday, the court, directed by Rosemond Baah Tosu, saved his supplication (Jan 19, 2023).

This is because of the attorney’s move scrutinizing the authenticity of the police who captured the client.

He guarantees that on the grounds that the supposed wrongdoing was perpetrated inside the Accra Metropolitan Gathering, an area past the domain of the Cantonments police division, the officials from the Cantonments Police headquarters who confined him coming up short on ability to do as such.

most up to date capture of Agradaa

Patricia Asieduaa Koranteng, the pioneer behind Paradise Way Champion Global Service, was re-captured at the forecourt of the Accra Circuit Court by Ghana Police Administration authorities as she went to for one of her cases, as indicated by police sources.

As indicated by the data within reach, the capture was associated with a debate she has with a minister by the name of Appiah Scriptural.

Agradaa is right now having to deal with penalties of swindling underhandedly and making misleading media promotions in Accra’s two circuit courts.

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