Lionel Messi: “We realize that Arabia is a group with great players, that moves the ball well and that progresses the line a ton. We work on it, however we accelerate a little”.

Lionel Messi: “We need to return to the foundation of what our identity is. We need to ponder what’s coming”.

The Goat

Lionel Messi: “There are no good reasons. We will be more joined than any other time in recent memory. This gathering major areas of strength for is they have shown it. It is what is happening that we didn’t need to go through in quite a while. Presently we need to show that this is a gathering of Valid”.

Lionel Messi: “It’s an exceptionally hard blow for everybody, we didn’t anticipate beginning along these lines. Things occur on purpose. We need to set up what’s coming, we need to win or win and it depends on us

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