Enner Valencia’s objective under three minutes into the game featured the Maroons’ naiveté and absence of ability as they contended in their lady World Cup. An objective that was eventually denied because of offside.

Ecuador Takes The Lead

Subsequent to being fouled by goalie Saad Al Sheeb, Ecuador’s commander Valencia won a punishment and changed over it magnificently to score the game’s most memorable objective 13 minutes after the fact.

Following 31 minutes, the South Americans multiplied their benefit. Valencia by and by

In the 31st moment, an ideal lobbed cross into the case by Angelo Preciado prompted the subsequent objective, which was going in by the Fenerbahçe striker.

Ecuador won 2-0 in the initial period.

With Qatar likewise partaking in areas of strength for some in the game during the last part, Ecuador seemed to have dialed down their foot the choke a bit.

With three places, Ecuador is presently in the lead position in Gathering An in front of the upcoming match among Senegal and the Netherlands.

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