In case it isn’t already obvious, I’m not annoyed by what Decent Murtala said. Clearly, I’m a comic rapper and parody is consistently a “Joke”. He feels the Economy is funny or a joke and utilizing my name or my creative region to depict the VP’s exhibition, is his projection or perspective…

The Comic Rapper

The other Noteworthy anyway was pissed as though I’m the more awful thing to happen to Ghana. He appears to be appalled at the notice of my name and I feel that is hostile to me.

That is extremely discourteous and disastrous. The way that I do parody music, doesn’t make me a pointless performer. I have the most unique and natural fans across the globe. I don’t phony details.

One thing that makes me miserable is, Noteworthy was blissful about the Wizkid correlation. Importance there is NO Craftsman in Ghana with that quality with regards to music?

Regard for creatives is vital and we anticipate that from individuals in high places. I’m as yet the G.O.A.T.

New Music soon…………………Watch out

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