All things have shown that Dr Osei Kwame Notwithstanding is a car lover who goes a little overboard chicken change from his pocket on costly whips.

The exemplary Rolls Royces, Maybachs, Buggatis, convertible games vehicles, one of a kind machines, name it and he has them.

Beside the chain of organizations, houses, and the well-to-do way of life, famous Ghanaian business big shot, Dr. Osei Kwame In spite of, makes it a point to his strong armada of machines at significant occasions he has graced recently.

Osei Kwame In spite of
Osei Kwame Notwithstanding vehicles, Osei Kwame In spite of carport

With these vehicles, some of which are restricted releases or models that never go into large scale manufacturing, Kwame In spite of’s carport could all the more suitably be promoted as a vehicle sales center.

This can be confirmed as has been found in a few viral recordings where an assortment of such vehicles have been caught at his home.

That is not all. People in general has likewise had the chance to get a brief look at a portion of these vehicles in the few examples he showed up.

We should investigate a few occasions where Osei Kwame Notwithstanding displayed his extravagant vehicles.

Kennedy Osei and Tracy’s wedding

Kwame Notwithstanding, at some point in 2020, pulled up at the wedding of his child, Kennedy Osei, and Tracy, in a long caravan loaded up with fascinating vehicles, as caught in several recordings that became a web sensation via virtual entertainment.

The armada of vehicles going from a Tesla, and Rolls Royce, to a Maybach McLaren, among others, were spotted at the service which occurred at TRASSACO in Accra.

Dr. Osei Kwame Luxury Cars

This specific event was all the rage as Dr. Osei Kwame Regardless of was said to have purged his carport of the relative multitude of rich vehicles to make his child’s wedding as extravagant as could be expected.

Osei Kwame Regardless of’s birthday supper

Aside from obtaining the 2022 Bugatti Chiron Super Game worth more than $3M as his 60th birthday celebration present, Osei Kwame Notwithstanding likewise raged the occasion with his company in gaudy vehicles.

In photographs and recordings which overflowed the web around then, the Bugatti was introduced to him partially through his 60th birthday celebration supper and the occasion grounds was additionally loaded up with other extravagant vehicles.

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